Since our office was finally ready, and the operations back to fairly normal, there has been a non-stop push forward. Weeks have passed with not a single days rest. If lucky, I have managed to squeeze in a hairwash a late evening before going back home..Weekends have been spent on the road visiting different cities or attending events or meetings. Worst part with the travel, it always start around 6am meaning you usually have to wake up at 4am. Trying to push myself away from the keyboard after midnight it means you start burning the candle from both ends.

This weekend the same, to bed at 1am, up at 3.45am to catch an early flight to Taung Gyi for a seminar at 10am. Being in Shan state with beautiful mountains and scenery we decided to give ourselves some luxury and booked the Monte Divino Lodge. A wonderful bungalow located overlooking the vineyard with sunset right in front of you. And what more do you need to unwind, a bottle of wine and a stunning view.