On roads in Germany

It all started with a stop over in Frankfurt and we decided to extend the enjoy the autumn of souther Germany. On the recommendation of a good friend we were encouraged to rent a car and explore the Black Forest Area. Upon arrival in Frankfurt, we headed straight for the Sixth Car Rental. The options […]

The business of doing business

The last five years in Myanmar has been an amazing ride…both in terms of gaining experiences, good as well as bad, but also in the way of seeing things change, country as well as people. Doing business is one way to interact with corporates, governments and individuals. With this and a few more blogposts I […]

Swedish Christmas Food

For the first time in many many years the whole family got together to celebrate christmas in Sweden. It was also the first time my girlfriend visited Sweden and got to experience the dark and the cold… It was a memorable and joyful time of good laughs and great food. And like Nikita knows, the best […]

A new venture – Sarmal

Launched quietly in November, Sarmal is our first own app developed for Myanmar market and Myanmar users. The purpose of Sarmal is to help people discover great restaurants around them. With our app and website you can find restaurants close by, curated collections, and see what other people are reviewing in a local feed. Developing something […]

A moment of peace

Since our office was finally ready, and the operations back to fairly normal, there has been a non-stop push forward. Weeks have passed with not a single days rest. If lucky, I have managed to squeeze in a hairwash a late evening before going back home..Weekends have been spent on the road visiting different cities […]

A change to education in Myanmar is coming

With our new office getting ready we are not only having the coolest work space in town but we are also ready to provide a modern and high quality class room environment. With our three business areas – media, consultancy and education – our office space is conveniently split into different areas to facilitate this. We have […]