A new beginning…

Having spent eight years blogging on three different blogs – one about tech for six years, one personal about China for five years and lately one about Myanmar for four years – I lost it all over night due to a mistake with Namecheap and my hosting. Even the backup was deleted. Anyway, sometimes it is nice to start over from scratch and this is what this blog is now. A new beginning of my adventures in Myanmar.

Four years into my adventures in Myanmar I have now established myself a bit more; a stable relationship, a dog and very soon a large fancy office. Having spent 10 years in the Greater China Region you think you are prepared for whatever is thrown at you…well the first three years were ok, but not easy. Myanmar is a difficult market in many ways. But the challenges we faced renovating an office was mildly said overwhelming and the last six months almost ruined the last three years goodwill built up and my passion for the country. The only thing making me push through was the reminder that it is a difficult market and seemingly everyone else face exactly the same challenges. What could make it so bad? The constant mistrust of everyone you hire to do a job – especially their honesty in terms of pricing and quality they will deliver. Things like flooring you are likely if you only have to do twice. Did you think the contractor would only add 15%, think again, if you are lucky only 100% but we had even 300% on top of things like glass doors.

Of course, contractor is one thing and landlord something else. Well, trust your instinct. When you have proof of the landlord being useless and the worst landlord in the whole city…why would the landlord behave differently in this building?? We ended up doing the work ourselves or redoing what the landlord had done.

Fortunately, as of right now we are seeing the end of this long process that has not only put the pressure on me my girlfriend but also the team around us that has faced deadlines and responsibilities without having a proper work environment. Kudos to all of you and especially to my girlfriend that has taken the heaviest load during this whole project.